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Tech Sketches is a community for New York software engineers. LinkedIn as a professional network leaves a lot to be desired and information travels slowly through word-of-mouth. Tech Sketches seeks to build a trustful community that shares information candidly.
Despite the beacon of San Francisco and the appeal of remote work, there’s a reason why engineers choose to work in New York. The reasons vary as much as New York varies.
For an engineer starting out, there is a shortage of information. Fundraising articles and home pages tell you very little about company culture. Company culture is hard to express and yet it is one of the most important factors for employee satisfaction.
For the mid-career engineer, opportunities come more easily. Good leadership, bad leadership, understanding trade offs, and other instincts develop with experience. But there is still a missing gap of development. Co-workers tend to have similar instincts and googling answers is hit or miss. Learning is paramount to growth and candid discussions can shed light on sub-optimal situations.
Tech Sketches is hosted on Notion, an all-in-one workspace tool. Notion has a lot of strengths and limitations. The flexibility allows anyone with edit access to re-arrange content. This flexibility also presents confusion. In the early days, Notion will be a playground for members to create and edit content as they see fit.
Notion is slightly ephemeral with a paper trail to discourage bad behavior. It will accrue value over time as knowledge enters or expires. We will consider moving off Notion if patterns of a successful community become reproducible.
Interviews will be a powerful marketing tool for Tech Sketches. They’re designed to let engineering leaders represent their tech organization to the greater community.
This is very much a work in progress. Communities form, grow, fade, and evolve. It’s going to be a fun collaboration.